Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My battle with the sinus monster Part 1

So I have a sinus infection... I think. Why am I divulging this bit of information? Because I have decided to forego professional treatment and have a go at it homeopathically, and I want your advice. I used to get these pretty regularly and would always eventually just sign up for the antibiotic. It worked well for me, but I've been hearing a lot about super virus strains recently and don't want to contribute. Plus, I now have a copay on both Dr visits and meds that I would like to avoid.
After a bit of Internet research I hit the store today and got a Netti pot... oh joy... water up the nose.
I'm also avoiding sugar and dairy, drinking ginger lemon tea, sleeping my 7-8 hours, and engaging responsibly in garlic consumption.
There was a lot of advice to juice garlic, smear it on your feet, put cloves between your toes...
I'm just eating it minced in salads and stir frys.
Do you guys have any advice for me? I'm willing to try crazy non-uber-stinky stuff...
I will chronicle my battle with the sinus monster here publicly so as to discover whether or not it is possible to kill one of these things without antibiotics - here goes!


BessieJoy said...

Colloidal Silver seems to work for me in the form of a nasal spray. I've read that doing it every hour increases the effectiveness.

Wendy WaterBirde said...

What a sweet blog you have : ) I was drawn to your name when i saw it on a comment at At a Hen's Pace.

I have a long history of sinus infections too, and it got to the point where antibiotics barely worked anymore. So i turned to essentaial oils, and BOY does it work! Or i should say, at least it really did for me, it was a near miracle. I now inhale a blend of lavender and tea tree for sinus infections, but the trick is you have to inhale DEEP, bringing the air reaaly up into the nose...i actually saturate a tissue tip and roll it to a point, stick it a bit up the nose and inhale deep. Its strong, but its worth it. I do it several times a day for a sinus infection. Can work for chest infections too i've found, but in that case breathe into the chest direction deeply (for chest stuff i tend to use more lavender and eucalyptus). The other trick is to catch this stuff EARLY and use these oils early on, if you can.

Homepathic stuff may not work though if you use essentail oils, it can interfere there. So its really a matter of choosing which one of the two for the treatment. For homeopathic, i havent found a siuns infection one yet, but for allergies and sinus congestion this one works really well: BioAllers Sinus and Allergy Relief Nasal Spray.

Hope that helps maybe. You have a sweet blog. I really liked your post on Simplify to Have Freedom...

Peaceful Week : ) Wendy

Mama Bear said...

Have you tried a netty pot? It is positively the best thing ever. I used to have to use steroidal sprays and allergy tablets daily. Dr. told me I needed nasal surgery due to overgrown turbinates (natural reaction to constant bombardment of allergins)and a deviated septum. He told me that afterwards I would have to use a netty pot with salt to irrigate the area and that he wanted me to get used to it. I never did have the surgery!! I netty pot daily...Here's the pertainent part for NASAL INFECTION....fill your netty pot to the brim with warm water, add your sea salt and one dropperful of golden seal. Stir then irrigate. Golden seal is a natural antibiotic with no bad side effects. I haven't taken antibiotics in years. Hope this works for you. It has been a lifesaver for me. Netty pots come in a variety of formats. Mine is a cobolt blue ceramic can get plastic non-breakable ones too. Be well and God bless.