Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kites + Stethoscopes = A Midnight Flight

Tonight we had some friends over for a bonfire, and I delighted in watching the magic of children's imagination unfold before my eyes. It can take so little to spark new worlds and adventures. Ben read the recently re-published Elsa Beskow book The Land of Long Ago to Rowan and his sweet friend. Then they spent the rest of the night trying to recreate the events of the book so that they too could enter into that magical world of mischievous gnomes, flying trees, princesses, trolls, dragons, and knights. We overheard adorable conversations, "Ok, so we just need one gnome, a fallen twee twunk, and a bwoken umbwella... hmmm... we don't have any of those... wait yes we do! we have a wood pile, if we pwetend we could make a whole world out of that!" The next half hour consisted of them disappearing into our home and reappearing with a huge kite that was attached to their backs with a stethoscope, then disappearing into the night and reappearing with corn cob skewers pilfered from the friend's home to use to ... get this... CLIMB THE SIDE OF OUR BUILDING SO THEY COULD GET TO THE ROOF AND THEN FLY OFF USING THEIR KITE. Can you tell their dads are rock climbers?

Such sweet silly things served to fill my heart, and re-delight me with motherhood.

Now Ben and I are fantasizing about midnight climbs and majestic flights. Isn't that what every kid thinks their parents do after they go to sleep anyways?

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immeasurablymore said...

what an unexpected gift! i just found you! please keep writing (and write often)...we will love to be inspired by these brilliant snapshots of your life adventures in the east (a place i miss on a regular basis).

i concur. watching a pure and unaffected imagination come to life is quite magical. our two get happily lost in worlds i only see glimpses of through their words and expressions. it's quite freeing to witness little people's genuniness - their personalities not yet shaped or shackled by facades, or fear of acceptance of others, or imprisoning identities formed on shaky foundations. i love it. it is another part of parenthood that helps remind me of what is important.

may your advent season be full of wonder and joy. we just learned of the "jesse tree" our december will start with some fun art projects. blessings
jen dominguez