Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Past, Present, and Future Dreams

Yesterday I had the fascinating experience of opening up my old "All About Me" - Dr Seuss fill in the blank book from when I was six. Other than learning about how many hairs I believed I had on my head (eleven) and the farthest I had ever walked (about 60 miles - ha), I saw that I had filled in writer and farmer as my dreamed of future occupations. This surprised me as I had thought those were new dreams. I didn't remember them being childhood fantasies. Recently I have been marinating in Dorothy Sayers mysteries and my genius at guessing the ending of these twisty thrillers 9 times out of 10 has lent to my husband (always looking for some exciting career for me to pursue) trying to push me into writing detective novels, which unfortunately I am not at all interested in. But, I am in fact quite interested in SOMEDAY, not now, pursuing writing in some format. But, this specific piece of writing will need to come to an end now since my lil rascal who I have thought was asleep for the past hour just walked out of his room without a hint of bed head. Bummer


Jill said...

Welcome back!! I love reading your blog so thanks for taking a few minutes to update it. I wish I could see how big little mister is growing!!

Xin Lei said... are back to blogging!! I have MISSED your insightful musings so have no idea how happy I am :). Like Jill said, thanks for taking time to update us :). Can't wait to see you in a month!

mama said...

Welcome Back!

I had the same book when I was a kid, but have no idea where it is now - I'm glad you have yours :) I have a friend from high school, who moved out to Colorado a few years ago to be with her now-husband. When I was out there visiting, we were playing a silly game at breakfast where we drew our "typical childhood picture", meaning our go-to pic as a kid. Mine was always a gigantic family, with me, as a grown up, and a husband and all these kids of various ages around us. My friend, though, who lives in Colorado? Hers was mountain peaks with the sun rising behind them. And she didn't realize until that moment, the irony of it all. How cool for her, and how cool for you! I think we become who we are born. That's also a reassuring thought for us mothers. It's great to 'read' you again :)



At A Hen's Pace said...

I, too, am so glad you're back!

I also dreamed of being a writer when I was a child. And now, for my little audience in the blogosphere, I am! It is very fulfilling.

I sometimes think I'd still like to become a "real" writer, but for now, this is "what I do."



Patty said...

what a wonderful blog you have. I have marked it a favorite

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through Holy Experience's Gratitude List. Hope you don't mind if I mark it as a favorite and stop by once in a while!

Sarah said...

Hi, I just found your blog tonight and was enjoying reading it - it is so thoughtful and encouraging! Thankyou...
Grace & peace,
Sarah :)