Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Small Change

Today I decided to take the One Small Change challenge. Hip Mountain Mama has challenged us to commit to making one small step toward a more sustainable lifestyle each month until Earth Day. Just a few days ago I decided to quit purchasing commercial hair products. For those of you who know me that is BIG COMMITMENT FOR ME because my hair is as thick as a horses and down to my waist. I have started with the basic baking soda wash with Apple Cider Vinegar rinse and have been pleasantly surprised. My hair feels just as clean, smooth, and shiny as it did with my expensive Giovanni hair products. I am only two showers into this shift though so we will see.

But, I am sick of throwing out old bottles, plastic bottles, and spending so much money on myself. Ahhh... ok here's a second half to that. I will do the math and take half the money I am saving and let my son pick a place to donate it every month. It will probably only be five dollars or so, but it will be a good learning opportunity for him.

All right... thats all for now!
I will keep you posted and would love for you to join in this challenge (and give me tips on the hair thing if you know better alternatives to Baking Soda.)

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