Monday, February 1, 2010

Small February Changes

One day later it is February and time for me to commit to a new change. I feel compelled to make two. Recently as my son has been asking me if the animals we are eating wanted to be eaten, and if it's mama is ok with it being eaten, I have felt mega twinges of conscience. THUS, back to my vegetarian college roots. Wooh, I've been eating meat on and off since getting pregnant with my three year old, but its time to stop, and now that its in writing I can be held accountable. NO more non fish meat for me.

#2 We have been half- hearted cloth diaperers. I now commit to not buying any more paper diapers except for perhaps travel.

All right, you can check on me. Call me out if you see me slipping!

Here goes -

so - still no commercial hair products, no meat, no paper diapers.


Naturalearthfarm said...

Both of your goals sound great. I also am feeling led in the direction of beging a vegetarian, possibly even vegan.
Blessings and warm wishes,

Hip Mountain Mama said...

Awesome! We have gone down to eating chicken once a week and it is going great. My oldest dd is against eating any meat so we have followed her lead!
And, way to go on the cloth diapering!
P.S. we are having a surprise giveaway in March, so make sure to have your post up by March 5th and come back to the One Small Change Blog to post your link in the comments!