Thursday, December 9, 2010


"Ummm... excuse me sir. My mommy needs to keep that piece of fabric because you see she is hoping to twy and gwow me a baby sister in her tummy, and she just might need that to sew her a beautiful dwess. (truth = 4 year old very much wants a baby sister. )

Rowan go back to time out!
You see mom, I was just talking to God and He taught me to be good and change  my heart, and He also said my time out could be finished. (how do you say no?)

(At Music Together from his teacher, in a very diverse group.) Rowan please tell us what your favorite song was this semester. (imagine his response belted out in a deep toned, gregorian chant style) "I love Jesus and the Holy Gho-ost... go in peace"

Rowan I'm sorry I get frustrated. Sometimes I lose my patience because I know its my job to guide you to be noble and help make your heart choose to be good. And when I can't do it I feel sad.
(In a very patronizing voice.) No, mom. It is not your job. Only God can make my heart good. You just need to wait with me until He's worked a bit more in my life...

Who would have known that little baby would so quickly be filled with such personality?


Mrs. Smith said...

This warms my heart!!

Kaley Grant said...

I very much enjoyed this post. . .also I got those Merril boots for my birthday and I love them.

Jamie said...

I LOVE that last comment. So profound.

Thanks for sharing Liz!