Friday, May 2, 2008

PS An Update on the Sinuses

PS Update on my sinus battle...
Day 3
not much better - not worse...
I feel way better after using the Netti Pot (water and salt), but its only a temporary fix. (Does anyone know how many times a day its safe to use it?)
This morning I was so clogged that I couldn't use it until an hour after my Mucinex. The water would just go up and.... stop. It never came out the other side. Lil Rascal has started imitating me. He will tip his head to the side, stick a finger (which I believe represents the pot) up his nose, and go mmm mmmm. Ahl done! I need to be so careful about what I do in front of him!

Oh... idiocy confession on my part... I used the term homeopathic thinking it meant any sort of self treatment with mostly natural products... I was a bit off.
plus I am using Mucinex.

I think I'm going to have to boost my strategy (currently ginger/lemon/honey from scratch tea 2-3 x daily, netti pot morning and night, mucinex a few times a day, and garlic garlic garlic in my food, but not between my toes!)
I think I might use some of your suggestions. (Fancy that?) Thanks for them!

ALSO... last nights first dinner with neighbors went well. We invited an African American family over from downstairs (2 middle school girls and one mom with MS). Ben and I recognized at least three area that we need to pray about, we need to grow in:
1. Normally we make friends with people who share some commonality with us. How can we befriend people very different from us in a genuine way so that we don't view them as charity cases?
2. Cross cultural communication can be very difficult when communication styles are different. Their style seemed to be more of taking turns telling long stories when we are used to dialoguing. It was hard to know how to further conversation and engage everyone.
3. I realized that right now I might be trying to do things that the ideal me would do, but that I am not yet the ideal me. Its not from an overflow of the heart. Its from an act of stubborn decision. "This is the right way to live. This is how I will live." I need more love.
Please pray for us as we continue these weekly dinners with various neighbors.

PS Does any one know a good place to buy essential oils? Thanks!


Stacy said...

I hope you feel better! I think its great you are trying to get to know your neighbors =) *hugs*

BessieJoy said...

Another great post. I love your the honesty your bring to your blog!