Monday, February 15, 2010

the fabric of Reality

My husband and I have an ongoing dialogue about faith. I tend to discuss the importance of mindfulness and choosing to see the beauty of life in the midst of seemingly uncomfortable situations. I see a big part of our prayer life and relationship with the Holy Spirit as working toward that end. My husband sees that as dangerous. As a great opportunity for shallow, falsely positive thinking, lying to yourself about an unchanged reality. I have been wondering if what I believe is indeed merely a way of digging my head into the ostriches' sand, but I don't think it is. In life there are obviously un beautiful, painful, and even evil moments. But written into the fabric of reality is BEAUTY. Through prayer and practice we can come to recognize and understand this truth. In the depths there is not darkness but light, because God began and shall end our world. He will be victorious in the eradicating of evil, in the comforting and liberation of His creation from oppression, hatred, pollution, the hell on earth we can craft for ourselves through our broken choices. Our Creator is powerful and He is loving. If we trust these two truths and are patient the Spirit will guide us into joyful living, and we like the martyrs of old will be able to face the worst discomforts with continued faith and a song of thanks on our lips.


Earth Mama said...

Im interested in hearing about more of what you do. Do you live with your family and children in a monastery? What are you studying exactly? I didn't see an email, but you can email me at


Rose said...

That was beautifully said. God bless, Rose