Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Motherhood and the thrill of new discoveries

This morning I spent some time reading an interview at Progressive Pioneer. The artist/ mama she was interviewing shared her experiences of world travel but then said that she was learning to see her journey of motherhood as a similar thing. I have tried to express that emotion to my husband who although loves our kids, would sometimes rather be trekking Tibet than tickling little tummies. I see motherhood as a miraculous gift. What an excitement to have a new LIFE grow within you and to wait to watch it unfold,to have the privilege of observing as it first encounters every aspect of our world, and comes into the fullness of its own unique identity. Although I too have wanderlust, and can miss our footloose days when it was easier to pick up and spend a month or two floating, my cup overflows with the rich(and challenging) joy that is Motherhood. My life will never again lack the thrill of new discovery. Every new child born is like sighting and landing on a previously undiscovered world. absolutely amazing

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Earth Mama said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you. I think your husbands picture with your little ones here is a powerful combination with your words. There will be time in the future for seeing new sights, but for now...tickle those tummies!!