Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Outdoor adventures

Warm weather camping season is upon us again and a group of our friends will head out next weekend to just all pop tent, sit around a fire, hike around, enjoy life together. This will be our first group camping experience with kids - any suggestions?

This picture was taken last time we camped with friends + kid. Now that little roley poley is a long and lean three 1/2 year old and we have a new roley poley to bring. We are thinking of getting an ENO double nesting hammock for Ben, so that he doesn't have to make that face again, the "this chunk kept me up all night ... I remember when I got to be man vs wild and ENJOY camping" face.

Again, we would love any family camping advice. Happy spring!

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Earth Mama said...

Have whatever you could possibly need to be comfortable, but usually you find they don't need much, other than for you to go with the flow. HAve fun!