Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baby kisses

Inspired by Meg at Sew Liberated I have had the great experience of recycling some old sweaters into a cloth doll for Cedar and making him and the doll matching hats. (Mine is not nearly as cute as the one she made by the way. Hers is awesome. Look at it.) He looked at it, squinted his eyes as he took in it's eyes and mouth and then started kicking and pumping his arms and squealing with joy. Cloth baby subsequently got smothered with wet kisses by its new owner and friend. Apparently Cedar likes it. My mama heart is glad and satisfied.

Then, inspired by Amanda from Soule Mama's christmas present for her lil girl, Rowan and I emptied out my lil paint trunk and turned it into his Dr's kit on Friday. He loves healing everything now - and of course everyone needs bandaids. We put a lavendar eye mask in it and I now constantly get asked, "Mom, are you swessed out? Are you swessed out?" bc he likes to make me lie down and wear the mask. I don't mind one bit.

What are you guys creating for your kids? (Obviously a sneaky question bc I steal all of my ideas from you!)


Xin Lei said...

Cedar with his little "Happy Green Bee" leggings: SO CUTE! I don't make anything creative for my little ones...would LOVE to, but just don't possess the special juices that require the gift :).

Naturalearthfarm said...

Wow, you have been so busy lately. We do lots of things by hand here on our homestead.
That is wonderful about the wool. We will be getting lots from a neighbor in exchange for my husband helping with the shearing.
So neat that you are doing all of this.
Warm wishes,