Thursday, March 18, 2010

Every boys' dream

Beauty and sparkling sunshine. Our daily walk, a trip to the local garden shop for a ph testing kit, an hour spent reading my new amazing book on bio-intensive gardening, and an afternoon full of harvesting soil from my friends compost box. My sweet friend who made us the amazing mozzarella that we topped our pizzas with the other night (i really need to learn to make cheese...) also keeps a worm box. She's cool. I like her a lot. (she's also gotten really into the dietary ideas of Nourishing Traditions. Anyone read it?) Anyways, today was the day to sort the worms out of the soil and we. were. invited! Can you imagine a more exciting activity for a three year old boy? Thousands (literally) of wiggling worms and a huge pile of deep black soil. Yea. Pretty dang fun. He held them, prodded them, counted them 1,2,6,7,8... didn't really do much productive sorting, but had an incredible tactile assortment of experiences. So sorry I didn't bring my camera! What was I thinking? Maybe we'll reenact tomorrow...

I'm so glad that my little guy gets to learn alongside me. Its a rich blessing for me right now. That I get to introduce him to nature with his little fingers brown with dirt as he watches science in progress. That I see his eyes light up as he notices sticks just the right shape for a spike ball slingshot. That I am there to teach him that shooting poles with above sling shot is fun, but that shooting people and animals isn't (thankfully that instruction came before it was necessary.) That he gets to learn about the changing temperature of the soil b/c he is running barefoot through our fields on his way to the community garden.
That I am home to hear him muse that "Maybe mom, couldn't Jesus be part machine? Well, you know, because He is a maker. He made you and me right ? And makers are machines? ... like in Bob the Builder." Deep, simple, delightful.

I can't imagine a better life than the one I have right now.

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