Monday, March 22, 2010


Product DetailsI am so excited! Veganomicon just thumped outside my door, dropped by the wonderful UPS man and ordered by my marvelous dad. Veganomicon is touted to be one of the best vegan cookbooks out there (although I have not yet read it.) We are not vegans (yet?). BUT I am a vegetarian and we have recently experimentally removed dairy from our son's diet, so he's pretty dang close. (Since I'm the grocery shopper and have lots of moral issues with the meat industry in America, no one in my family gets much meat.)
Hopefully, this book will inspire me in the kitchen and help me to whip up "some yummy tweats" as Rowan always requests. I'm so excited! Oh wait, I said that already... (is this a silly thing to be excited about?)

PS I made my own apple sauce this morning for the first time and it was ridiculously yummy and easy. Why didn't I know this? Core and peel apples, place them in an inch of water and boil until they're squishable. Pour the liquid remaining into a jar and you've got apple juice that tastes like nectar. No added ingredients, no fancy tools, no hours spent stirring or anything. Quick, easy, delicious. I'm not sure if I saved any money on the deal, but I know that I saved packaging and avoided preservatives and other sneaky ingredients.

PPS I'm not quite sure if that dish wash detergent was as amazing as I first thought. Just a warning.

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