Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Buried Treasure

Last night we finally started sinking our fingers into our own soil. Ben came home from class and grabbed a small rake and started clearing our small front yard plot of winter debris, which Cedar delightedly kept trying to snack on. (The round face was COVERED in beautiful black soil.) Rowan busied himself hunting worms, and I sat on the sidelines shaking my second batch of butter, listening to the marble clink clink clink against the mason jar, and smiling at the surprise flowers poking their heads through the soil. What will they be? Leftovers hidden underground from previous inhabitants. Buried treasure.

Friends joined us late for homemade pizzas smothered in veggies and their own mozzarella. The sun remained with us long. I love Spring striding so confidently back into our lives. Days spent with the sun kissing our cheeks. Boys with grubby palms, returning freckles, and constant smiles. Joy.

Late night the baby called long and I went to find him with a tickling cough that would not allow him to sleep. Eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree dropped into water to sit in a bowl on the heater. Rescue Remedy dripped on the tongue. Hylands teething gel rubbed into sore gums. Baby snuggled into my arms and I chose to cherish the hours spent soothing him. Observing his round face white against the dark night. He is my second so I know how soon those chubby cheeks will slim and his dimpled elbows will be lean and scraped. That his loving dah-du-dah-dahs will form into words.

Rhythmic breathing let me know he had finally calmed and drifted - and I returned to my husband and snuggled in close.

PS I discovered a great dishwasher detergent recipe that I have tested and found at very least comparable to the natural one I got at the store. Mix 1 cup borax, with 1 cup washing soda, and 1/4 cup table salt. Use white vinegar as your rinse aid. Voila. I know every single ingredient within my soap and although I have not done the math, I am pretty sure that I made it at a fraction of the price of store bought. Plus - no plastic. Yea!

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Earth Mama said...

I too try to cherish those in the night moments. I remember with my first just wanting her to go back to sleep...but now, I just hold on and am glad I have them there in the first place. What a good mama you are.