Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let the winds howl

So my three year old has been begging for a sword for months. Every package that arrives excites hope and then disappointment. But, I have been unflinching in denying him the joy of slaughtering all of those within our household. Today we finally found an arrangement that pleased both of us. I made him a stuffed sword complete with belt and scabbard. My little one is DELIGHTED and I am unconcerned. He's pretty dang cute too, look at how valiant he feels!
Last week we also improvised a fun little play kitchen from his table, a loose tray from his easel, some wooden blocks, and some kitchen odds and ends. This has inspired hours and hours of fun, he bakes and Cedar watches in wide mouthed wonder. I am so grateful for all of the simple but wonderful ideas I received from books like The Creative Family and Heaven on Earth.

We also finally got around to sawing the beautiful branch that we found on our first family bike ride of the season into blocks. SO much rainy day fun.

 Let the winds howl - we are warm and happy inside.

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Xin Lei said...

Awesome outfit LIz...and Ro-RO, your beautifully perfect shaggy hair...I love it!! Don't let anyone cut it!