Thursday, March 25, 2010

PS If you want your kids to adore you today...

So I just have to share the recipe for the ice cream I just made. It is from Apples for Jam - a very pretty cookbook that we have enjoyed being inspired by. I adjusted it so that my boy wouldn't get a sugar overdose but left some of the dairy in as I don't know of a vegan alternative to cream.

Whisk together: 1/2 cup of raw honey (softened) (my variation)
                          3 organic eggs
                         and 2 teaspoons of good vanilla

Heat 1 c. almond milk over low heat, stirring constantly until near boiling. Remove and whisk one ladle full into eggs to acclimatize them, then another, then pour whole egg mixture back into milk and heat for one minute to "cook the eggs." Stir all the time. Remove from heat and whisk in 2 cups organic heavy whipping cream.  Pour into a coverable bowl and put in freezer for an hour - then take out and whisk - then another hour - then take out and whisk - then another until you are pleased with its level of frozenness. (Probably around 4 hours.)

Spoon into a bowl, if you want you can invite Aragorn to join you for "imaginawy" ice cream, and enjoy the lovely flavor and sweet kisses you'll receive in thanks!

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Xin Lei said...

Wow...sounds so yummy! Wish I could see a pic of Ro's happy face as he was eating it :). Must have been so cute!