Thursday, March 25, 2010

Souls and Soles

Last night I had a rare opportunity to just stop and think. Running early for a gathering of friends I walked outside into the crisp night air, deep inky navy surrounding me, and wandered to the spot a tree had recently fallen in a storm and been leveled. I stepped onto it and stretched myself up, up, and looked into the clear sky at a sight I treasure seeing... stars. sparkling. clustering into constellations. Some believe that stars were a first Creation, a sort of storehouse of great energy from which God spun the universe. You all know the Moby song, We are all made of stars?

Standing, stretching mind up, and soul deep. Feeling tree beneath my soles. Sad for the end of its time to reach to the heavens. Sad, then thoughtful. It will decompose and rejoin the soil, which will nourish plants that we will harvest and swallow, down, down, until our bodies integrate that carrot's body into ourselves, nourishing, healing, strengthening, growing... until our physical bodies breathe their last and begin to rejoin soil...We are all so interconnected. We can build imaginary walls around our selves but we cannot keep out the reality that our matter shifts and cycles in a continuous dance within and with the rest of this Creation. We are not Made as islands in any physical way.

Today I will live trying to remember this as I relate with all our God has penned, His Word awaking all that we are and will be and have ever been.

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Mmm. That's lovely.