Sunday, March 28, 2010

Corners of My Home

 Here is the second corner of my home,  the lil dining room off of our kitchen.  Yesterday in this room, I had one of those moments where I accidentally made something. My lil guy and I decided that it was time to start felting some eggs in preparation for Easter and I was too impatient to go out and buy wooden eggs from the craft store so... I hard - boiled a couple. First mistake. SO Row and I had lots of fun rubbing wool around with hot, sudsy water, got the eggs nicely felting, and then... I squeezed too hard. My egg broke on the inside and I had to cut it out. When I looked down at what remained I realized that it looked like a precious little birds nest. Then the obvious fact dawned on me that we couldn't let Rowan's dry for the two days called for without his egg going bad - so we turned his into a nest too - his was lovely because it was lined with the lavender wool we dyed with blueberries the previous day. Then, "mom, can we make little eggs for my nest? Let's dye them! Will you make me a bird?" Oh boy. So we have sweet little bird scenes for our shelves, but still no eggs. This is my first year celebrating Easter away from family and its time that I began some family traditions. What are your favorites?

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