Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Red Wagon (and another small change)

It is finally sunny sunny sunny and 60 degrees here. As soon as the boys wake up we'll be out roaming the world in our beautiful new (to us) Radio Flyer Town and Country. Last week we visited some dear college friends in Virginia and discovered that they had the sad conundrum of having an extra (adorable) wagon on their hands. We delightedly helped them clear some space in their shed (ummm... which means we packed up the wagon and took it home!!) I LOVE the old wood and metal Radio Flyers and my boys do too. thanks friends! In Norfolk we had soul nourishing long evening conversations, and a fun day at their local botanical garden. These pictures are of Rowan exploring a mud house at the gardens. Happy lil boy.

Now that we have the wagon my mid March "One Small Change" addition will be much easier. We are now going to get much better about recycling and begin composting. I was going to wait until April to make this change but decided that was silly. With the help of our new wagon the daily task of toting the recycling over to the bins on the other side of our neighborhood, and bringing our food scraps to the community garden will be much more doable. Yea!!

The plastic fast is going well. This does not mean that we have avoided all plastic, but we have become more mindful of what we purchase and have begun making more of our food from scratch which Rowan loves. Yesterday I let him help me prep the veggies for our soup from the Riverwood Cottage Family Cookbook (from my wonderful dad) and the little guy decided to eat the veggies! Woo hoo!


Earth Mama said...

It is soooo beautiful and sunny out today. We have been outside most of the day soaking in all the warmth after those dreary rainy days. What a cute little hut. I'd like one of those in the woods behind our house.


Xin Lei said...

I too am so giddy about the sunshine! To be able to walk outside without thick winter layers on...YAY!