Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quick Update of Fun

SO my itch to go back in time and learn old ways of doing things has continued. Yesterday I made butter by simply pouring cream into a mason jar, adding a marble, and shake shake shaking it. Mixed in a bit of maple syrup and salt and YUM. I have already eaten too much of it, and we can use the butter milk for our sunday morning waffles.

Then yesterday afternoon we wandered over to our local farm to get some fresh air and (inspired by one of our favorite kids books, Pelle's New Suit) I asked if they ever sold raw wool. Turns out that they GIVE it away and had some left from the last shearing. They gave me 1+ lbs. for free, and we spent the rest of the evening washing it with gentle dish detergent, picking through it in our bath tub, drying it and carding it. HOW FUN! ( Don't worry I disinfected the bathtub afterwards. One of my rare uses of bleach. Anyone know a gentler but just as effective way to disinfect?) Now I just need to figure out how to hand spin it! I think I will use some for the felt egg tutorial from this edition of Rhythm of the Home.

Today we went to the local living history farm and learned how to make Maple Syrup from start to finish. My. cup. overflows.

Soon I will give an update about my foray into the world without plastic (well sort of). Also show some of the fun projects that i've made with my beautiful new Bernina that my Nana lovingly purchased for me!


Mrs. Smith said...

YAAAY! Berninas are the BEST... and I'd love to get my hands on some free wool! So fun!!

Whirliegig said...

Yay for homemade butter! How fun!

Anonymous said...

ooh, what a dreamy few days. Love the raw wool score! (I've been eyeing those felted eggs, too.)